The ability to drive is an important element in maintaining one’s independence, but as we age it may get more challenging. Here are a few safe driving tips that seniors can us to drive safely. 
Do you think what you eat can keep you from aging or slow down the aging process?
Research Study #1. A research study is being conducted at Johns Hopkins University to evaluate the daily use of an FDA approved medication in improving memory.
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is involved in several Memory Studies:
Should I Buy Organic?  From Menu Notes There is so much in the news about organic versus non-organic foods.  How are you supposed to know what to do?
November was Family Caregivers Month—a perfect time to offer support and resources to millions of people who care for a loved one full-or part-time.  An estimated 44 million American families and friends provide unpaid care to another adult, accor
The Johns Hopkins Center to Reduce Cancer Disparities is a partnership between the University and The Community Networks Program.